ViSalus Launches in the UK. Get In On The Ground Level!

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ViSalus UK

2013 will prove to be an epic year for ViSalus and Body By Vi. With our International expansion into the United Kingdom (to include Scotland, N. Ireland, Wales, England) and the obesity rate in the UK as the #3 “heaviest” Country behind the USA and Mexico; and on the rise.. affecting 25% of the population. Weight Loss is desperately needed. ViSalus and the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge offers a convenient no-brainer and affordable alternative (the 3 for free program) to a healthier lifestyle. The Challenge helps fight against the epidemic that is plaguing the UK and effecting it’s economy with health conditions that follow such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and heart disease. (

The obesity rates continue to climb in the UK and is currently costing the country a deficit of £3 billion a year. (Obesity in the UK, University of Birmingham 2013)

“We believe the European marketplace is an opportune environment for ViSalus as our European neighbours are equally challenged by the obesity epidemic that is targeted so effectively by both the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge and ViSalus product offering.” – Ryan Blair, ViSalus CEO

As we currently hold the position as the #1 Weight Loss and Transformation platform in North America, we are confident with the UK expansion, that we will make giant strides in our feat to battling the ongoing obesity crisis. Are you interested in losing weight? Living healthier? Making an income helping people do this? The Challenge also offers amazing opportunities to create a wealth of income for those that choose to take it on as a business opportunity. If you are in the United Kingdom including Scotland, N. Ireland, Wales, England.. and are looking for the ground level opportunity of a lifetime, contact me and get on my core UK team!! My direct email is and you can also visit the KP Website, and my Body By Vi page.

Join me for the Offical ViSalus UK Launch and Celebration on June 7-9th in Birmingham!

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