Do you need tips to help your Network Marketing business?

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Each month, the Kyle Pacetti team is putting together a bunch of great tips to inspire you and help you grow your Network Marketing business. These are listed exclusively in our monthly newsletter. Here is the first point, and the beginning of the second to show you a quick preview. You can Sign Up for the KP Success Training Newsletter Here!

1. Update Your Social Platforms – The folks you surround yourself with on your social media and networking platforms are always there, so stay consistent and be there for them too. Also, people do not want to always have to hear about your business or be pitched every post; so switch it up a little and post something about your trip, the fantastic restaurant where you ate, your beautiful family etc. Try to keep it on the real! Tell us about the amazing view you are experiencing. Post of photo of that giant fish you just caught. Tell us how your life is, or what’s going on with you on an organic level, something all of us can relate with. I discuss more about this in detail below.

2. Write A Story – When was the last time you wrote a story? I am talking about a true story detailing an incredible experience you had. Start simply with Who, What, When, Where, How, Why?…

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