Taking A Challenge

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taking a challenge by kyle pacetti

Taking a challenge is nothing new to any of us. From our early childhood days we have been challenged by our friends, family, and even sometimes by bullies to do something that was risky. Sometimes there were incentives when bets were placed; other times it was just a good ole double-dare you to do something. Remember?!!! Then the Educational, Athletic and Military challenges were set and beat daily in our lives. We are taught to train, educate and challenge ourselves for more.

Then there are the challenges we may face in everyday life which include health, employment, family, community and many more. We are human beings and not everything goes as great as we hope. Sometimes looking at others, it seems like they have everything together, not a problem in the world; but many times this is not the case. With more opportunity comes more accountability and responsibility. Many times our life challenge is to simply stay steady in the middle of unexpected happenings in our lives, and also around the world.

Here are a few challenges that will benefit your greatly:

1. Health – your health and wellness is a huge part of your life. This is an area you must commit to if you want to change and preserve your life. If you do not take care of your body, your are headed down a long road and waiting line of folks that are sick, ill and on medication. This does not have to be you. Get involved in your local gym community, make friends with a Nutritionist and Dietitian, and use proven supplements to balance your body out.

2. Business – money makes the world go rounds when it comes to something you need or want. Business is the conduit to make this happen. For us to live the lifestyle that we want, or are accustomed to, does not come easy. We work for what we have around here! Whether you are working for a company, running your own business, or representing an organization; commit to excel like never before. Explore opportunities, make friends and build your business to new levels.

3. Happiness – do what you love! Whatever it is that floats your boat and makes your heart happy, do it! Do not settle for mediocrity. Maybe you love the great outdoors, the open waters, the beach, world travel, family vacations; or simply going out to somewhere special and with that special someone. Plan ahead… make the right moves for more happy time, and opportunities to increase your happiness.

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