Beware of Network “Marketing”

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beware of network marketing

Network Marketing is one of those terms that can get sometimes overplayed. As much as we hear it, we can many times get desensitized to the point that we lose focus of the people and lives in front of us. Some folks get so rapped up in trying to make a fast buck, that they let others, even teammates, fall in-between the cracks because we just don’t really care. I have always kept the term “Relationship Building” in the back of my head, because that is the cornerstone of everything we do. Without a relationship, nothing monumental or lasting happens. Think about it! How many of you have been “Marketed” to? Now how many of you have experienced someone really taking the time to get to know you, your needs, and how you can work together?

When you go to buy a vehicle, you expect the salesperson to have your best interest in mind, and to find you a car, truck or suv that is going to fit you, your family, and your lifestyle; not the one that makes them the most money. When dealing with real estate agents, they find homes to show you according to what your pre-determined needs are. Initiating conversation, learning, suggesting, and then matching them up with exactly what they need. Fulfilling!

There are stern differences between a “Marketer” and a Relationship Builder:

A Marketer Wants Quick Business; A Relationship Builder Wants Long Term Results.

A Marketer Wants To Sell You; A Relationship Builder Wants To Help You.

A Marketer Is Motivated By Money; A Relationship Builder Is Motivated By Opportunity.

A Marketer Has A Small Vision; A Relationship Builder Sees The Big Picture.

A Marketer Has A Plan For You; A Relationship Builder Listens To Your Plans.

Which Are You??? Relationship building is the name of the game people, and so much more in this world of social media and social networking. So get out there, make friends, help people, build relationships, do business; and please… stop “marketing!”

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