About Kyle Pacetti

Kyle Pacetti is currently a top income earner and promoter at ViSalus Sciences, as well as in the history of network marketing.

Kyle began his network marketing career at the age of 18. Having earned success as a top performer in every company he has worked with, he is continuing the momentum with ViSalus. Through Kyle’s knowledge and expertise in network marketing, he has learned to identify trends in the industry. With nearly 70% of Americans being considered overweight or obese, the decision to join ViSalus, now the #1 weight loss and fitness
challenge platform in North America, became very clear.

Kyle, who ViSalus’ community calls “the pace setter,” knows that North America is only the beginning. He is eager to take The 90-Day Challenge global; as the financial gains and positive impact of Life, Health, and Prosperity are infinite.

Since joining The Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge in February 2010, Kyle has helped over 250,000 people join the challenge and over 3000 people earn their BMW car bonuses. In addition to being a servant-driven leader, Kyle is an integral facet of ViSalus’ training system. He is a self-taught motivational speaker and thrives on teaching people how to create wealth by simply following ViSalus’ program. Through Kyle’s unique style
of training, he is able to help people recognize their true potential and allow them to dream bigger.

With over 24 years of experience in the industry, Kyle has not only mastered the dynamics of what it takes to win, but also creating a true residual “walk-away” income. His passion for helping others achieve their financial dreams has truly allowed him to live his.

When this father of three is not traveling throughout North America, building new markets or facilitating growth in current teams; he is usually spending time with family, fishing on one of his boats or woodworking in his shop in South Florida.

Kyle’s accomplishments in ViSalus are a direct result of having a “zero failure mindset”. His mission, “Make the world debt-free and Look Gooder Naked.”