6 Ways To Work It During Vacation

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There is hardly a minute that goes by with today’s modern technology that we are not connected to the online world in our personal lives and in network marketing. The summer months could be a huge loss or bonus, depending on what you do with your time. I am not saying to bring your laptop to the water park and work on it while at the wave pool with the kids. But I am saying “DO NOT DROP THE BALL ON YOUR BUSINESS THIS SUMMER! Work smart! Maximize on the time you have and make sure you are staying efficient rather than counter productive. You can easily lose self motivation because of the beautiful weather and ongoing summer invites. It’s pretty amazing how much you can get done in even a few hours when you train yourself to be time efficient.

When you aren’t hustling on prospect calls, or making face to face contacts here are some things you can do on your down time for your business…

1. Update Your Social Platforms – The folks you surround yourself with on your social media and networking platforms are always there, so stay consistent and be there for them too. Also, people do not want to always have to hear about your business or be pitched every post; so switch it up a little and post something about your trip, the fantastic restaurant where you ate, your beautiful family etc. Try to keep it on the real! Tell us about the amazing view you are experiencing. Post of photo of that giant fish you just caught. Tell us how your life is, or what’s going on with you on an organic level, something all of us can relate with.

2. Write A Story – When was the last time you wrote a story? I am talking about a true story detailing an incredible experience you had. Start simply with Who, What, When, Where, How, Why? Who is this person you met and how have they helped you? How have you reciprocated? Where did this happen? Then post it on your website blog, or an outside blog and share it all over the place!

3. Meet Someone – Everywhere you go, there are new people to meet. Folks that the Universe has put in front of you are available daily. Introduce yourself and allow yourself to be open to meeting new people! You never know what doors may open for you on a personal and business level. Make sure to have your business cards handy and always ask for business cards so you can follow up with your new contact. Reach out and let them know it was great to meet them. If they are ever interested in learning more about what you do, or know anyone that may be, let them know to not hesitate to contact you.

4. Update Your Prospect List – When is the last time you updated your top prospect list? Got 25? I know you do! 50? Great! 100? Even better! I recommend you update this as often as possible. Having a hard time coming up with names to add to the list? Go through your friends list on Facebook. Go through your email contacts. Another amazing tool is our “Memory Jogger” http://visalus.com/sites/default/files/docs/corporate/D1048US_MemoryJogger.pdf

5. Reach Out To Your Up Line- Let them know you are here and serious about the business. What can you learn from them? A LOT! They’ve been in the trenches they get the business and if you are willing to run they will run right along with you! ¬†Even if you haven’t produced or feel you haven’t won their respect over, forget about it! Swallow your pride, leave the ego behind you, and pick up the phone and reach out. Start dialing into three way calls, evening team conference and vision calls. Get your head back in the game and hustle!

Last but not least…

6. Celebrate – Life is too short! Make sure to take time away from the hustle and bustle, and spend it with family, friends, and sometimes just alone doing what you enjoy most! Of course don’t forget to answer your emails, update your social platforms, and make lists; and get back with urgent matters but make sure as easily accessible everything is, don’t let it consume your life and take away from what matters most. Set aside an exact time when you get ¬†”work” done and leave the rest for time spent with your people, and making memories that will last forever.

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