2013 – The Year of the Challenge!

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Kyle Pacetti 2013

There has never been a better time to join ViSalus and my key team than now. 2013 marked the start of some incredible network marketing and game changing incentives that have never been offered by anyone else before. These incentives that were launched are paving the way in the battle to crush the obesity epidemic as the #1 Transformation in North America all the while creating financial prosperity for thousands. And ViSalus is relatively young, so we have only just begun. Paul Zane Pilzer, author and economist, predicts that “10 million new Millionaires in the next decade,” and says the majority will come from the MLM industry. It has been 65 years since the method of Multi-Level Marketing has begun and as it was once was viewed with suspicion (not to be confused with pyramid schemes, which are 100% illegal) but is now one of the fastest growing avenues for generating wealth on the planet.

As important as it is to build a strong team within ViSalus, our focus has greatly shifted on the emphasis of what we truly stand for which is “The Challenge” and our Customers. Helping people transform their lifestyles and win against the ongoing issue with the obesity crisis that continues to plague North America. The new incentives for Customers includes a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, with now over $47 million dollars in products, prizes and vacations. One of our biggest game changers is “Project Ten” rewards where 5 females and 5 males each week at random win $1,000 each for losing 10 pounds; and all Project Ten participants are winners because they get an “I Lost It” T-Shirt. We also have an “Ultimate Transformation Vacation” that includes a $5,000 Beverly Hills, CA shopping spree and our “Challenge Trainer” that helps to automate and provide additional support for those and their weight loss journey. Basically these incentives leave you with no reason not to try us BobyByVi for size and with virtually no risk! With the shift on our emphasis on the Customers, ViSalus has also offered new incentives for Promoters making the opportunities to create a substantial income even that much more easily obtainable.

With the proposed International expansion coming very soon (specific countries have not yet been disclosed) and the six new incentives offered; ViSalus is leading the Direct Sales Industry not just as a company, but as a massive and unstoppable growing community. Our CEO and Founder Ryan Blair recently stated… ”We expect to enter Europe, our first market outside North America, in the first half of 2013. We believe International expansion offers a significant growth opportunity for ViSalus since most larger multi-level marketing companies derive at least 75% of their sales outside North America. Moreover, we believe the European marketplace is an opportune environment for ViSalus as our European neighbors are equally challenged by the obesity epidemic that is targeted so effectively by both the Body by Vi™ 90 Day Challenge and ViSalus’ product offering.” Ryan has also stated that he would be prepared to outline the specifics of ViSalus’ International expansion plan in early 2013 and that “the ViSalus Founders remain committed to working with our colleagues at Blyth to build ViSalus into a global household brand.  ”We have successfully recruited a world-class management team that is equally committed to the long-term relationship with Blyth that will facilitate accomplishing this vision.”

For more information on ViSalus and the # 1 Transformation Challenge in North America please go to the Kyle Pacetti page on ViSalus and for those that may be interested in working with me personally (not already a part of ViSalus) contact me directly at kylepacetti@gmail.com!

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