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I am a network marketing expert and motivational speaker and known as a pioneer in the industry with almost 25 years of experience. I am now listed as one of the top most successful network marketers in the world. As a Crown ambassador for ViSalus Sciences and the number one weight loss platform in North America I have helped over 250,000 people join the challenge and over 3000 plus people earn their BMW car bonuses.

  • @DanShaba519

    I told @kylepacetti I wasn’t taking on this business. He convinced me otherwise and now I’m Regional! #RealityCheck

    - @DanShaba519

  • @getyourbodybyvi

    Kyle taught us: Be Successful and Significant!

    - @getyourbodybyvi

  • @AndreaJWright6

    Hey! Thanks for lunch and the chat with the Rockstars team at the Regional Event! I got a lot out of what you had to say!

    - @AndreaJWright6